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Collective Instant by William Allegrezza


Collective Instant

William Allegrezza

108 pages

Cover design by Sheila E. Murphy

ISBN: 978-0-9805096-0-1

Otoliths 2008

$12.50 + p&h

URL: http://www.lulu.com/content/2368639


William Allegrezza’s Collective Instant brings together two chapbooks and a series of new works, including "Tracings from the Front," an extended piece exploring the language of conflict stripped and fragmented from its context.  The poems in Collective Instant aim towards meanings, hope for meaning, while showing the inevitable absences between understanding and world, between the wild and ordered. 

from Collective Instant


a poetics


when i’ve

placed a word

it drifts

scattering on

the rocks

facing me

so that

what i

think i’ve written

unbecomes itself

as soon as

it leaves me.



if named, broken

                as psyche                              


i stopped 


                    steel-legged     misshapen

near the green folds of sheets that

strangle unknowingly

                                but the searing

                                hot wax

                                dripped through silence



love awoke


                                                                in agony

                                anxious to flee


and i

lost mystery

                gaining in its place

                                fissures on the temple’s frieze

                                age to add to fragility.



Readings by Bill Allegrezza of these & other poems from Collective Instant can be accessed through this link.