ONL 203: Assessment and Evaluation


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  • Open registration during spring semesters

This course is worth 10 professional development hour and requires a time commitment of at least five hours per week. No refunds will be issued. 

ONL 203 is an introduction to assessment and evaluation tools in the Blackboard course management system, and to the pedagogical considerations of assessment for online teaching and learning. Learners will identify online assessment tools and describe their use in various learning scenarios. Hands-on activities will involve defining and managing columns in the Blackboard grade center, and practice providing feedback to online learners. Learners will participate in asynchronous online discussions on relevant assessment topics. This two-week course is delivered online via Blackboard. 

Learners will learn the following skills:

  • Identify assessment strategies appropriate for online teaching and learning.
  • Match assessment strategies with various online assessment tools.
  • Apply online assessment tools in the Blackboard grade center.
  • Manage the Blackboard grade center to provide accurate and timely assessment.
  • Provide meaningful assignment feedback to online learners.

Fees are as follows:

  • Free to current OTC Employees- No tuition waivers needed 
  • $50 For Non-OTC Employees (Please contact the Cashiers Office at 417-447-4827 or email to make a payment)

If more information is needed please contact Nicki Dickson at

**Enrollment cannot begin until fees are paid.