The English department at OTHS is dedicated to the improvement of students’ communication and critical thinking skills, in conjunction with the study of English language, literature and media. Teachers present students with a variety of opportunities to explore relevant and stimulating ideas and themes.  All of the English courses focus on developing the skills needed for effective performance in the four major subject strands of Oral Communication, Reading and Literature, Writing and Media.


Students at OTHS are offered rich programming in both of the available pathways: Applied/College or Academic/University.  Students should choose between course types based on their interest, achievement and post-secondary goals.  For those with interests, aptitudes or career plans related to English, elective courses are available.  Media Studies (EMS301), The Writer’s Craft (EWC4U1) and Studies in Literature (ETS4U1) offer excellent opportunities for students wishing to solidify and extend their learning in the subject of English.