We do not think there is enough equity at Tech at this time, and we think that actions should be taken to increase equity at our school.

The equity team grew out of the Measure N design team that was created over the 2015-2016 school year. We were tasked with creating a system of oversight and inquiry that could be used to ensure that the funds gained through Measure N were being used in a way that truly supported their purpose; to increase the equitable outcomes of students in this school. 

As that year came to a close, we realized that the best way we could keep a focus on equity at Tech would be to collect data from with our community and use that data to help us find a way forward with respect to supporting the students that are currently not being supported as well as they could be.

This team is composed of teachers, students, and parents. Every member of this committee is part of the Tech community and has done all this work to make this community stronger.