OURSs hold regular Conventions throughout the year. It's a great chance to play some one-off games in systems that you may have not experienced. Typically there are four roleplaying sessions and a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) game, and you can sign up for all, or any, of the available sessions.

Conventions are held at the Otago University Commerce Building (see map here - it's the square yellow building), meeting in Room 2.21. You can get in over the weekend through the Disabled Access Entrance to the left of the main stairs - if the door is locked, just knock on the window of the room next to you.

Our typical schedule for each convention goes as follows:

Friday 6pm-11pm: Board Games

Saturday 9am-1pm: Tabletop Session 1
Saturday 2pm-6pm: Tabletop Session 2
Saturday 7pm-11pm: Live-Action Game

Sunday 9am-1pm: Tabletop Session 3
Sunday 2pm-6pm: Tabletop Session 4
Sunday 6pm-11pm: Pizza and Board Games

2014 Conventions

There are four tournaments planned for 2014.

Convention 1: 28 Feb - 2 Mar
Convention 2: 9 May - 11 May
Convention 3: 11 July - 13 July
Convention 4: 5 Sep - 7 Sep