All roleplayers are created equal. The people listed below are more equal than others.
President of the OURS: Helen Jones-Rippey
    Helen oversees the running of the Society as a whole, and makes sure everything is running like a well-oiled machine.
Treasurer: Stuart Stoddart
    Stuart is in charge of the Society's bank account and oversees the application for funding from OUSA.
Secretary: Melissa Brown
    Melissa looks after the paperwork for the society, takes minutes for the official meetings and checks the OURS email account.

Alumni Advisor: Matt Swain (email: labn.rpg@gmail.com)
    Matt is an advisor to the committee (not being a currently enrolled student). He also has the title "Convention Organiser" which entails making sure the Society's four conventions run smoothly, games have players, and so on. He also is on the NZLARPS Wellington Regional committee and can provide some help from them. If you have questions about the conventions, or Larping, email Matt.