February 2016 Symposium: Non-Classical Mathematics (Southern Edition)

    The culmination of the Models of Paradox Marsden Fund project. Information on the 2015 meeting is here.



Workshop: Non-Classical [Meta]mathematics, February 7-8
TopicNon-classical mathematics is maths done using non-classical logic. The goal of this event is to understand the model theory and proof theory of non-classical maths, using non-classical maths. It will be a meeting of the minds from several different backgrounds, with tutorial presentations on the current state-of-play in respective logics. 
Zach Weber -`Paraconsistent Mathematics and Beyond
Petr Cintula (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)`From Fuzzy Logic to Fuzzy Mathematics'
Hitoshi Omori (City University of New York)`Steps towards non-classical mathematics based on the ideas of da Costa and Priest'
Peter Verdee (Ghent University)`Inconsistency-adaptive set theory'


Jc Beall (UConn)

With e-participation by Greg Restall (Melbourne), Jeremy Seligman (Auckland) and Dave Ripley (UConn).