Sacred Marriage

When this ethereal union between the rising kundalini and God, the universal consciousness, is accomplished, the sacred marriage takes place within a person, enlightening and changing his/her life  for ever. This outstanding event, sensed at the level of the pineal gland,  causes a person to experience the divinity in different ways, bringing a long lasting joy and wisdom when it occurs naturally.

This reunion occurs at the mind energetic level, also, harmonizing the female and male energies within a person. In China, the dual nature of each being is called yin and yang, left and right, female and male, respectively.
A person who is experiencing the kundalini rising may feel a bit "femenine" for a period of time. However, when it meets its compliment, the supreme consciousness, it will reach its balance little by little. 
The perfect harmony between our soul and the supreme consciousness is known as the Holy Cross.
Thus, the Holy Cross is also a symbol of the sacred marriage. The union between God and our soul. In other cultures, this holy union is known as the sacred union between Shiva and Kundalini Shakti, and this union happens within a person on the ethereal dimension, and in this way, the cross is associated with bliss. This cross brings many gifts to the one who experiences it, being good health one of them. Also, it means protection in all levels.

The alchemists, seekers of the Truth, represented the dual nature of human beings as a person with two heads suggesting the perfect balance of male and female principles reached by some alchemists.

In addition to the mind harmony, there is also a mystic spiritual union and it is represented by the mystic cross of LOVE and LIGHT. The spiritual union is a divine experience, a reward beyond all expectations to the one who has transmuted the sexual energy during a period of approximately five to seven years.

"It certainly is that the Kingdom of God can be experienced within"

The allegory of Adam and Eve who are sent out of Paradise for sinning against God after eating the forbidden fruit (sex) is something to think about.  Similarly, young couples who keep overtaking the forbidden fruit are prone to live out of a state of joy and bliss, and everything would be perfect if they were living with sexual moderation. 

It is the task of everyone to raise their sacred energy by living a life with respect towards sex. The benefit of letting the sacred energy rise is the gaining of wisdom and the endowment of spiritual gifts.

And this sacred union is what happens within a person who decided to undergo a discipline.

The same as couples who can have kids at the physical level. Two spiritual energies, within one person, can produce a third one, a divine spark known as a divine infant.

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