Symbolism of the Kundalini

There are symbolic representations of this sacred energy in popular fairytales such as Snow White (kundalini) and the Seven Dwarfs (energetic centers or chakras). Snow White, the one who cleanses and organizes the house (the human body) of the seven dwarfs, is an allegory to the sacred energy rising and cleansing the seven energetic centers. And she falls into sleep only after eating the poisonous apple (sex) offered by the evil queen (the ego).


Life can have a happy ending as in the fairy tale if Snow White or kundalini is allowed to rise and meet her desired prince (the divine compliment or God) in the heart center. This divine union is represented by the star of David, and it is experienced as a universal love flowing from the heart center. And this event is understood at the level of the pineal gland.

The rise of the kundalini shakti has been also called the rise of the Queen of the South that goes all the way to the North to meet  Shiva, the King of wisdom or the supreme consciousness. These two principles of the divine energy are represented also by  Queen Sheba and King Solomon in several sacred books.

The kundalini is the energy responsible for the body and mind purifications preparing the conditions for the Christ’s arrival.
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