City of Oswego Softball - 2017

If you have a question, please email:

FINAL DAYS TO TURN IN ROSTERS ARE: Tuesday April 11th  (from 6 to 8pm) and Thursday April 13th (from 6 to 8pm) in the Ponzi Recreation Building at the Fort.

Keep a copy of your roster.   All players added after roster is officially submitted will be charged an add-on fee.

Men Fast/Mod $575: ($520 - team, sponsor, & ASA fees) + $65 returnable forfiet fee

Slowpitch $545    ($495 - team, sponsor, & ASA fees) + $50 returnable forfiet fee

  All Rosters Must be Completely Filled Out and returned  with payment. Make checks and MO out to the City of Oswego.

Click on the link for League Standings:
City of Oswego Leagues & Schedules 
2017 League Nights
Tuesday: Men's Slow D
Wednesday: Men's Fast - if we have enough teams
(note: Men's Fast rain outs will be made up on Thurs)
Thurs:  Women's Slow B
Friday: Men's Slow E &
                Women's Slow C