NCVF National Ranking Tournament
February 15th & 16th
Last Updated- 2/14/14

Tournament RANKINGS
  1. Grand Valley State University A
  2. The Ohio State University A
  3. University of Wisconsin A
  4. Virginia Tech A
  5. Michigan State University A
  6. Purdue University A
  7. Ball State University A
  8. University of Dayton A
  9. University of Florida A
  10. Ohio University A
  11. Indiana University A
  12. University of Cincinnati A
  13. West Virginia University A
  14. University of Pittsburgh A
  15. University of Kentucky A
  16. Xavier University A
  17. Cleveland State University A
  18. John Carroll University A
  19. Wright State University A
  20. The Ohio State University B
  21. Michigan State University B
  22. Grand Valley State University B
  23. University of Dayton B
  24. Purdue University B
All teams have paid and rosters have been received. 
tournament information
Tournament Director:
  • Andrea Navar
    • Email: ncvfandrea@gmail.com
    • Phone: 614-312-9536
Tournament Withdrawal
  • A refund of entry fee will NOT be assessed for any team choosing to withdraw from the tournament; per NCVF policy.