NCVF National Ranking Tournament
February 11th & 12th

Last Updated- 2/6/17

1. Ohio State A (Confirmed)
2. Ohio State B (Confirmed)
3. West Virginia University A (Confirmed)
4. University of Toledo A (Confirmed)
5. Purdue A (Confirmed)
6. Michigan State A (Confirmed)
7. University of Cincinnati A (Confirmed)
8. University of Maryland A (Confirmed)
9. Penn State A (Confirmed)
10. University of Wisconsin-Madison A (Confirmed)
11. Notre Dame A (Confirmed)
12. Bowling Green A (Confirmed)
13. Virginia Tech A (Confirmed)
14Carnegie Melon A (Confirmed)
15. University of Dayton A (Confirmed)
16. Ohio University A (Confirmed)
17. Ball State University A (Confirmed)
18.  Saginaw Valley State A (Confirmed)
19. University of Pittsburgh A (Confirmed)
20. Butler University A (Confirmed)
21. University of Michigan A (Confirmed)
22. Grand Valley A (Confirmed) 
23.  Northern Kentucky A (Confirmed)
24. Central Michigan A (Confirmed)
25. Air Force A (Confirmed)
26. John Carroll A (Confirmed)
27. Saint Louis A (Confirmed)
28. Youngstown State A (Confirmed)
29. Purdue B (Confirmed)
30. West Virginia University B (Confirmed)
31. University of Maryland B (Confirmed) 
32. Penn State B (Confirmed)

1.  Michigan State B
2. Virginia Tech B 
3.  Ball State University B 
4. Butler University B 
5. University of Dayton B
6Grand Valley B 
7. Central Michigan B 
8University of Pittsburgh B 
9. Saint Louis B 
10. University of Michigan B 

tournament information
Tournament Director:
  • Andrea Navar
Tournament Cost:
  • $350 for each team. 
  • Payment deadline is January 21st.
  • The NCVF Governance Rules will be in full effect.
Tournament Seeding:
  • All seeding will be determined by the NCVF.
  • Certified refs will be used for all matches.
Tournament Withdrawal
  • Teams may withdraw from the event if a request is made in writing at least 21 days before the tournament, by January 21st.  Refund requests received after this time period will not be granted except by the NCVF Women’s Committee (acts of God, dangerous weather conditions, etc.).  The hosting school must notify the NCVF Women's Committee of any school that withdraws less than 21 days before the tournament.   Such teams may be subject to sanctions.  The hosting school is required to provide a full refund within 30 days of written withdrawal.
Team Selection
  • Interested teams will be added to the list in the order of which they email OSU.
    • osuclubvb@gmail.com
  • A teams will be given priority and then as spots are available B teams will be included. 
  • When the list is full additional teams will be added to the waitlist