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        The Japanese Student Association at Oregon State University is an ISOSU sponsored, student-run club dedicated to facilitating cultural exchange between Japanese and American students at OSU. Goals of the club include:
  • Giving Japanese exchange students an introduction to American culture
  • Providing opportunities for OSU students to learn more about Japanese culture
  • Providing language practice with native speakers (for those who are interested) through a conversational partner program
  • Holding regular club meetings and social events
  • Contributing to the community
  • Meeting new people and having fun!
    This cultural exchange culminates at the end of the year with J-Night, a Japanese culture fair organized by members of JSA. J-Night showcases various aspects of Japanese cultural to the community through food, stage shows, music, activity booths, etc.

    There is no club fee required to join JSA, and anyone with an interest in Japanese culture is invited!