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Certificate in University Faculty Preparation

posted Jun 17, 2010, 1:12 PM by Educational Psychology Student Society   [ updated Jun 17, 2010, 1:13 PM ]

Program Description

The University Faculty Preparation Program was established in Fall 2008 as a mechanism to strengthen doctoral students preparation for the broader range of responsibilities encompassed by jobs in the academy, in particular teaching. While doctoral students are typically prepared to conduct independent research, many, perhaps most, received little opportunity to familiarize themselves with educational theory or engage in supervised practical experience in teaching.

This certificate program is designed to make OSU doctoral students more competitive for tenure-track faculty positions. It involves formal and informal instruction in pedagogy through select coursework, observations of exemplary instruction and practical experience in developing materials for and conducting a course in the students discipline. Program participants will complete a set of core courses to develop their understanding of human learning, instructional design, and how teaching, research, and service are interrelated and balanced in the professional lives of faculty. They will then participate in an apprenticeship in which they will observe and will receive guidance from a qualified mentor in their discipline. Finally during the teaching practicum, they will teach a course in their discipline under the supervision of their mentor. Students will leave the program with a professional portfolio, a statement of teaching philosophy, a core knowledge base, and practical experience in college teaching.

You will find the curriculum here:  (on the UFP page under curriculum)


You will find the application here: (on the UFP Admissions Requirement page under "Supplemental application")