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Welcome Week

Join us during Welcome Week to meet new friends, check out what we are all about, and enjoy great fellowship, fun, and food! We look forward to seeing you at our Welcome week events! For more info about any of these events, drop us a line via our "Contact Us" form or email us at 

Graduate/Professional Involvement Fair
Sunday, August 19th, 4-7pm, Ohio Union
Look for us at the Graduate/Professional Involvement Fair at the Ohio Union! You can get the scoop on CGSA, ask about local churches (or anything about life as a graduate student at OSU), and pick up a free book.

Ice Cream Outing
Tuesday, August 21nd at 8pm, Graeter's on Lane Avenue
Love ice cream? We do too! Come grab some with us (it'll be free!) at Graeter's on Lane. If you need a ride, meet us at the half circle drive on the 12th Avenue side of the Ohio Union at 7:45pm.

Board Game Night!
Wednesday, August 22rd, 6-9pm, Hale Hall 110A
Into board games? We'll be having a board game night on Wednesday at Hale Hall, the building where we meet for large group. If you have a favorite board game, you're welcome to bring it! There'll be free dinner and snacks!

First Friday Large Group Meeting
Friday, August 24th at 6pm, Hale Hall 110B (154 W 12th Ave)
Our first official Friday large group meeting of the semester, where you can get all the details on large group, small groups, social events, service events, and other fun things we're up to throughout the year. We'll also be sharing about the churches we go to. A free dinner will be provided afterwards!

Cookout at the Corrigan's
Saturday, August 25th at 5pm, the Corrigan's house
Relax after your first week by joining us for a cookout at the Corrigan's house (email us at for the address)! If you need a ride, meet us at the half circle drive on the 12th Ave side of the Union at 4:45pm.