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Pumpkin Chunkin' 2010

posted Oct 16, 2010, 5:56 PM by Michael Kidd   [ updated Oct 11, 2012, 3:03 PM by Shaylynn Allen ]

This post has been updated for the 2012 year.

ASME will be holding a Pumpkin Chunkin Event on Friday Nov. 16 from 2-4pm (<-This is subject to change).

Pumpkin Chuckin Contest
        Location - same as last year, at the park at the corner of NW Monroe Ave and NW 11th
        Date - Friday Nov. 16
        Time (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) - Setup begins at 2pm, Firing starts at 2:30pm.
            Entrance Fee is $5 per team, with team no more than 4 people.
The event is open to all OSU students and participating high schools. 

            Schools can have multiple teams.
            Size of device must be no larger than 6x6x6'. The device is allowed to exceed dimensions during operation.
            Competitors must supply their own pumpkins. There is no size or shape restrictions, however it must be an orange pumpkin to qualify.

            Larger, heavier pumpkins will be awarded additional points.
            Competitors will have 5 consecutive shots.
            Devices that employ the use of hydraulics, pneumatic, explosives or engines are banned.
            The device shall be judged on design, performance, and safety. The device shall be designed to impact a target 35 yards away.
                    Relevant documentation of design of the device (+10pts).

                            2 pts- Design explanation

                            2 pts- Clean, relevant physics 

                            2 pts- Testing data

                            2 pts- Device Image, labled

                            2 pts- Team/Member Names, use of clean presentation
                    Team Spirit (+15pts), themed teams (+5).

                    Well-made (+10pts).
                    Aesthetically Pleasing  (+5pts).
                    Functional (+5 if successful/ -5 if non-successful).
                    35 yard target (+50pts).
                    5' rings around target (+30,15,5pts).
                    Deemed safe (+15pts), competitors have until 2:30pm to make repairs to device.
                    If deemed unsafe competitors have until 2:30pm to make repairs to device to qualify for performance.
                    If deemed unsafe during competition judges may remove device from competition and judged solely on design.
                    First Place: Cash prize and team picture will be placed in ASME display case.
                    Best Design: gift card.
                    Most spirited: gift card.

                    Other prizes subject to judges' whims.

                    Will include at least one Mechanical Engineering faculty member, at least one ASME officer, and at least one person affiliated with the art department for the aesthetics portion.

        Still have questions? Contact ASME Chair Shaylynn Allen, or Public Relations Chair  for more information.

2010 Pumpkin Chunkin'