Agenda: This meeting was discussing and brainstorming ideas for the upcoming MIME picnic.
    Officers: Brandt, Kidd, Shaylynn
    Guests: 4

Proposed Menu Items:
    - Burgers or hot dogs (with vegetarian options)
    - Corn on the cob (with salt and butter)
    - Potato salad and macaroni salad
    - Fruit salad
    - Root beer, specifically Bandt's amazing root beer
    - Ice cream (verity)

Proposed Actives List:
    - Water balloon launching
    - Bowling (melons? Rover?)
    - Cow balls
    - Bucket tug-of-war
Action Items:

Decided Date: either May 13th or May 6th

Stuff that needs doing:
    - Reserve Avery Park
    - Create flyer designs
    - Contact MIME Bulletin
    - E-mail IE's club, ManE's club chapter, SAE, and Robotics Club
    - Contact Eric Sunderland for photographs

Next week meeting as usual.