Agenda:Steve Shuyler, OSU alum and Warn Industries design engineer, will be covering new product development and the procedures involved in bringing a design from concept to final product.
    Officers: Heather, Michael, Brant, Anthony.
    Guests: 12
    Steve Shuyler and Daren johnson discussed Product Development at WARN Ind.
    Daren, a former ASME OSU member was part of the team that won the 2002 ASME National Competition
    Steven, also former ASME OSU member was part of the team that took 7th place at the 2003 ASME National Competition

    The lecture included:
        Product design engineering WARN's new Pullzall, a trigger controled 1000 Lbs hoist for the average consumer.
        Relating Customer Goals to Engineering Goals
        Using design factor instead of a safety factor
        HOQ is an excellent tool for a new product, but not necessary for a existing design rebuild.
        Conceptual Design - Document IP
        Industrial Design - WARN uses an outside firm to generate artistic feel of the product.
                                    - Design patients are more common.
                                    - Inclusion of employees in patients is a way to reward effort.
        Prototyping - Testing
        Risk Assessment - Person Hazards: Shield, note, caution, warning.
        Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
        ROI -PFR
        Design Verification & Validation Plan & Repair
        Production Release
Action Items: