Contacts Group Manager - GroupQ

 GroupQ is the most up-to-date contacts group management application to manage your iPhone contacts
 It provides holistic GROUP management function to fill up the gap in existing iPhone contacts apps.  It's easier and faster. 

 All you have to do is to create Groups and simply check your contacts to register under each group.
- You can manage the undefined contacts & new ones under your preferred Groups easier & faster.


* Add  a group : [+] button in the group list
* Rename a group,  Remove a Group : "Edit" button in the group list
* Add contacts in a group
  1. touch the group name in the group list.
  2. [+] button in contacts list of the group to change add-mode.
  3. touch contact name to trun on/off check mark (check makr means the contacts in the group)

# 3 types list help you to manage.

 : Uncategorized contacts list : contacts are not in any group

 ( this list make easy to grouping a new contact )

: contacts list in the group.

 ( able to remove contacts from the group in this list)

 : contact list not in the group.

 (In this list , the contacts that has be added to other groups can be add to the group)

● With GroupQ you can
1. Create and delete new contact groups.
2. Rename a group. 
3. Add contacts into a group.
4. Search contacts with a part of name.
5. See a contact's info
6. Calling or sending email in a contact info view
** NEW v1.4**
7. Uncategorized contacts list : contacts are not in any group. (slashed zero icon tap) - easy to group a recently added contacts.
8. do well with 1,000 contacts.
● With GroupQ you can NOT
1. can NOT send email to groups members at once.
2. can NOT edit a contact information.