Most Recent Version Can Be Downloaded Here (Last Update: 2/14/12)

What It Is                                                                                            

A collect of data about osteopathic medical schools. All the data comes from publicly accessible, web based sources. I have documented my sources and evaluated their reliability the best I can - some data is missing and I grunter some of the data in here is not 100% accurate. It is up to you to judge.                                                                                             

What It Is Not                                                                   

A guide that what tell you what school is the best school for you or what school you will get into.
  •  A high MCAT score does not guarantee admission anywhere
  • Just because a school has a average COMLEX of 600 does not mean you will get 600
  • Just because more people matched into a specialty at one school does not mean you will if you go there. Keep in mind 6 people may have matched into surgery at one school but 20 may have tried (30% success) while only 3 may have matched at another school but 4 may tried  (75% success). You can only tell so much from this data.                                                     

Why I Made It                                                                  

This data was not what I based my decision around when choosing what school to attend but it was helpful to look at. Unfortunately, this information is not in a central place so I spent a disproportionate amount of time looking for it. Now you don't have to.                

Once you download the spread sheet, those little plus signs on the side will open up more detailed information, click on them.

What's Inside     
  • MCAT / GPA Averages by School
  • Board (COMLEX) Scores by School
  • List of Schools and Links to Their Match Lists
  • Match Statistics for All Schools
  • Sources for Every Piece of Data

Contact Me                                                                       

If you know of additional sources please send them to me using the contact information below. Send me links to published data, don't just tell me that school XYV has an average MCAT of 40. I, and everyone else who looks at this, needs to be able to verify the information.