Creating Jobs and Growing our Economy
Job growth is Cathy’s #1 Priority
  • Demand the best from and for our public schools - as a public school graduate, a mother of a public school graduate, and grandmother of children in public schools, Cathy knows the importance of making certain our schools provide children with a great education.
  • Keeping families safe - as a corrections officer and a leading advocate of Megan’s Law, Cathy has dedicated her life to making certain families are safe
  • Fighting for seniors - whether it is by keeping property taxes low or reforming state rules and regulation so that seniors are not forced into nursing homes, Cathy will fight so that seniors can choose to stay in their homes.
  • Standing with Women - from Megan’s Law to Women’s Rights in the workplace, Cathy has a record of standing up for women and ensuring that progress is made that is second to none.
  • Protecting our Families - from workers rights, to keeping taxes low, to making sure our school systems are well-funded, Cathy Osten will protect our families.