Cathy Osten is running for State Senate to bring common-sense leadership back to Hartford. She’ll represent our communities with the same hard work, determination, and the ability to get things done that she brings to everything she does.

    Born and raised in Norwich, Cathy served in the Army during the Vietnam era. She returned to Connecticut and enlisted again, this time as a Corrections Officer in Connecticut state prisons.

    Seeing the dangers when certain criminals get released in society, Cathy was a leading advocate for the passage of Megan’s Law, which creates a registry for convicted child molesters and giving parents the tools to keep their children safe.

    Since 2007, she has been the First Selectman of Sprague, where she has held off tax increases and greatly improved services.

As your State Senator, Cathy will dedicate herself to:

  • Creating jobs and growing our economy—job growth will be Cathy’s #1 priority.
  • Demand the best from and for our public schools—as a public school graduate, a mother of a public school graduate, and grandmother of children in public schools, Cathy knows the importance of making certain our schools provide children with a great education.
  • Keeping families safe—as a corrections officer and a leading advocate of Megan’s Law, Cathy has dedicated her life to making certain families are safe.
  • Fighting for seniors—whether it is by keeping property taxes low or reforming state rules and regulation so that seniors are not forced into nursing homes, Cathy will fight so that seniors can choose to stay in their homes.