Next generation cloud infra-software toward the guarantee of performance and security SLA

We research next generation Cloud infra-software, Stella Project, which includes the two core development technologies for multiple SLA guarantee of multiple users. First core development is to integrate the scheduling of the CPU, network, and storage resources. Second is Cloud-wide SLA guarantees including resource admission control, job allocation, and management techniques.

Developing Next-generation Cloud system guarantee user requirements for performance and security SW
  • Develop CPU, network, and system guarantee the user requirements for the storage performance SW
  • Develop Cloud security system (availability, integrity and confidentiality) guarantee user requirements for SW
  • Develop SW of Cloud platforms with integrated 1 and 2 systems
Create SW system-specific open source community through the public Cloud test bed
  • Perform education that aims Community such as Cloud / Security / system SW
  • Establish testbed of Cloud Distributed System SW
  • Establish and operate Community based on open source test bed
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