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Need an application that is not yet in the official repositories of your favourite distribution? Here you will find some programs I compiled for Kubuntu.


Warning: software hosted here might be unstable and cause harm to your computer (software or hardware).
Also you might not want to trust random and anonymous people to provide you with software. You should always prefer the packages that come from the official repositories!

Links of interest

Ubuntu Forums

Installation (general info)

Compiled binary packages (.deb)

Open a terminal (konsole) and run the following command:

  • sudo dpkg -i /PATH/TO/PACKAGE_NAME.deb

Don't forget to change /PATH/TO/PACKAGE_NAME first!


KBFX v0.4.9.3 (testing) for Kubuntu 7.04

Yakuake v2.8 (testing) for Kubuntu 7.04