To work with low income to poor local gardeners in the U.S. & to show them how to sew,grow,& save their own seeds. Some may not have access/ability to acquire seeds. So it is a prime directive to donate seeds to Individuals,Org's,Community Gardens and Small Scale farms through out the local region(s). Enabling anyone to grow their own food with sustainable methods.

Important Notice 

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This is not a commercial seed company. This is an effort on part of a few people to preserve genetic diversity and to offer knowledge,and seeds to feed people in the U.S.
Germination rates are fairly high on all seeds and are tested bimonthly to ensure viability. Seeds are refrigerated to ensure the highest viability. Seeds that are offered are grown on premises and not bought in bulk to be distributed.  Experienced growers are not apt to blame the seed for poor germination then ask for a replacement. Those looking for such things can visit many of the commercial seed companies that provide replacements or refunds.



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