Sustainable Brochure


Water Conservation Tips

*Install low-flow aerators.

*Don’t leave the water running when brushing teeth, shaving, or rinsing dishes.

*Use dishwashers and washing machines only for full loads.

*Reduce the use of the garbage disposal.  Dispose of food scraps in a compost pile.

*Check faucets and pipes for leaks.

*Plant drought-resistant trees, plants, and grass.

*Mulch around trees and plants.







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Sustainable Shawnee Committees:

·        Water Conservation

·        Recycling

·        Education

  • Special Projects


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Sustainable Shawnee





Prevent Waste

Conserve energy

reduce pollution







protect our environment



Sustainable Shawnee Membership Form

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Annual Membership Fee - $25

Areas of Interest:

Water Conservation


Education on Sustainable Issues

Special Projects

Sustainable Shawnee meets the 4th Thursday of each month

7:00 p.m. at University Baptist Church

Everyone is welcome!

Sustainable Shawnee is a chapter of the Oklahoma Sustainability Network,


Buy Local Products…

     *Farmers’ Market

     *Benedict Street Market

     *House of Health

     *Main Market

     *Hardesty’s Grocery

     *Oklahoma Food Cooperative

Helpful Websites:

Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Oklahoma Food Cooperative

Sierra Club, Oklahoma Chapter

Sustainable Shawnee Objectives

*Promote community sustainability through campaigns, projects, volunteer, and educational opportunities

*Connect individuals and organizations working toward sustainability

*Serve as a resource for environmental information integral to the sustainable future of Shawnee and Oklahoma.