The Rite of Confirmation is a extraordinary privilege available to all baptized Christians.

It is not a sacrament (commanded by Christ) or a prerequisite to receive Holy Communion (communion is for the baptized, who have been examined and absolved by the pastor). 
For those who choose to receive the blessing of confirmation, please consider the following:
  •  Confirmation is optional, it is a man made rite, no Christian is required to be confirmed.

  •  Confirmation is a privilege, a chance to deepen and affirm the faith given at baptism, setting up the confirmand for a lifetime of Christian learning. 

  •  Confirmation is deeply rooted in the history of Christianity and the Lutheran Church, it is considered a milestone moment in the life of a Christian (baptism, first communion, confirmation, marriage, funeral).

  • Does the child wish to be confirmed? (Sports, music, drama, confirmation…Lots of ways to spend your Wednesday evenings, we are given lots of freedom in choosing how to live our lives. You cannot do it all, you must choose what is most important to you.)

  • Age range usually 11-16 years old, grade level is immaterial. Is the student mature enough to undergo 2 years of intense extra curricular Christian education? Maturity is determined by the parents and the pastor. 
 Successful completion of Year I is always required to move onto Year II. Both Years can be repeated as often as necessary. 
Year I - An overview study of the Scriptures, God’s revealed Word to humanity, setting up the foundational knowledge required to comprehend and benefit from year II.
Year II- A in-depth study of Luther’s Small Catechism and other catechetical resources. The successful completion of year II will earn the confirmand the right to be confirmed before the public assembly of God’s Church, as they make bold confessions of faith and promises to live a life worthy of the name of Christian. 



Parish Education - Sunday School
We use Concordia's "Growing in Christ" Sunday School  program. This curriculum is dedicated to building children's knowledge of God's Word—an integral part of their spiritual growth. Every lesson, every week points to Christ as the Savior while integrating a strong Law and Gospel focus with an in-depth look at the Bible story. 
We offer
  • Toddling to Jesus - a class for infant through three years old - accompanied by an adult
  • Sunday School - Pre-K through Teen
  • Adult Bible School - Everyone Else
Music Ministry
Dedicated individuals who wish to glorify God's name in song and praise. A special emphasis is made to enhance the worship service through song.  If you play a String, Woodwind, or Brass Instrument, there are opportunities for Solo, Ensemble, and Bell or Choir accompaniment.

Women's Ministry - LWML - The LWML provides opportunities for personal spiritual growth, a richer prayer life, and retreating into the Word of God.  In the LWML, women are encouraged to seek out and serve the people of their communities -- and the world. The LWML usually meets on Saturday morning.
Ladies' Bible Study Ministry- Our Evening Ladies' Bible Study Group that usually meet on Thursday evening. We look forward to having anyone come and join us. This is an opportunity to pray, learn, and fellowship with other believers, as we study the scriptures and apply God's word to our daily need. Beginners are always welcome.

Men's Bible Study- Our mission is to ignite and unite men who will change their world.

We meet on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:30.
We endeavor is to continue studying and growing in God's Word on a regular basis. This is an opportunity for men to pray, share, and fellowship with other men while studying God's Word and applying the lessons found in the scriptures to their daily life. Consider attending a study with like-minded men of integrity.