Mission Mexico

Over the years, we have developed good relationships with a couple of Lutheran congregations along the Texas-Mexico border. We sponsor one to three mission trips to join with these congregations, building and repairing homes as we build relationships and learn from each other.
Ysleta Lutheran Mission
While in El Paso, OSLC's missionaries stay at the Ysleta Lutheran Mission.  Ysleta Lutheran Mission "provides relief and human care services while planting and nurturing missions in the border region of El Paso/Juarez.  Founded in 1982, YLM provides aid and ministry services that benefit the lives of thousands of people every year."
 Mission Mexico Update

Dear Sisters & Brothers

WOW!!  I was waiting for summer to begin, when I realized that the 4th of July has already passed me by.  Had a great aunt - age 94 that told me that as I got older, time would pick up speed.  Gets' much faster and I’m not sure I'll be able to "hang on".

When you get this, it will be only a short time, until the last of the summer vacations will be taken, spontaneous visits to ice cream parlor will be drawing to a close, and getting ready for the new school year will be starting.  As you finish shopping at garage sales, cleaning out closets of the old & too small clothes, or start shopping for school supplies.  Please remember the needs to our sister congregations along the border. Also you fill find an opportunity to help support families with your cash donations.  Pr Pedro Gonzalez has a note that I hope that many of you will be able to take advantage of - Samaritan Fund. (Elsewhere in newsletter)  Would ask that you send your donations for this fund, directly to Pr. Gonzalez. Mission Ministry is always changing and this is one way that change is meeting the needs of families.

When you talk with individuals for other faith communities, please invite them to join with us as we strive those along the border.  If  they need more information, just let someone on the Mission with Mexico board know of the need.  We'd be happy to help out.

Dates for your calendars:  Late October we will be taking a trailer load  of donations to the border.   Mission Trip dates - 2012    February 25 /  March 3-4, 2012

As the violence continues, Pr Gonzalez continues to ask for our prayer support.  That they would have safe travel across the border and that the message of Jesus Christ will continue to spread.

As always, if you have questions or comments, Please let me know.  Mr. Mission with Mexico - Arlan Bergquist

 *****Read a  Mission Mexico attendee's experience in our montly newsletter, which is located under "News and Events" on the website or at the bottom of this page. ****



Mission Mexico -- The Good Samaritan

I also want to ask for your help in a new project we started, its called The Good Samaritan, it consists of doing something for 3 poor families with necessities (they’re in the pictures I gave you last time you came) they struggle every day to have something to eat,  in one of the families it is Ruth And her husband they have 5 kids, but they got taken away by the government a program called DIF (they are in charge of kids having a good life) sort of like CPS here in the U.S. they got taken away from her and her husband because she wouldn't feed them. Someone pointed them out to the government and they sent the DIF members to check the lifestyle they had and realized it was not good for the kids. But now they are back with them thank God they were gone for about a month and the parents were very sad and cried a lot. The DIF members told Ruth and her husband they will be back to check up on them and see how they were living by then, and this is why we want to help in some way. This is the reason why the Good Samaritan project was made. it consists of 31 good Samaritans that can donate 5 dollars a month. I will be going to a store that is in front of the church and tell the owner to give this family 5 dollars of groceries a day, no beer or cigarettes only food!. with these 5 dollars they  will be able to get beans, rice, potatoes, tortillas, and make a meal for these 3 families. All 3 families live together,  its the mother, and two daughters with their families. This way they will be assured to have a meal a day, for the good Samaritans 5 dollars is nothing a day but for them it is a warm meal that means everything to them, I have told the families from El Buen Pastor and till right now we have 15 families signed up for this. They already gave up their 5 dollars to start this the month of July, I am not sure how long we will be able to do this but it is better than nothing. If any of you would like to participate please let me know and every month I will be reminding you if you can’t keep participating not to feel bad.

 The families that need assistance for The Good Samaritan are:  Grandma’s name is Gloria. She is 59 years old and she has two daughters:  Natividad is 37 years old & Ruth is 25 years old.

Natividad has 4 kids:  Ivan is 21, Erica is 15, Carlos is 14, Gloria is 6 years old.

Ruth has 5 kids:  Miguel is 8, Belen is 6, Daniel is 5, Gerardo is 3, Ricardo is 2 years old. Ruth’s husband is named Bernabe he is 34 years old & lives with her.

Greetings to everyone God Bless!

Pr. Pedro Gonzalez

5133 Temple Court

El Paso, Texas  79924





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