• Lutheran College Student Scholarships
  • Gustavus Adolfus college
  • St Olaf College
  • Luther College
  • Augsburg College
  • Luther Seminary/Diaconal Ministry Attendees
  • Luther Park Bible Camp Attendees
  • Lay School of Ministry Participants
  • Agnes’ Table
  • Mission Mexico
  • Feed My People Food Pantry
You can leave a lasting legacy for the future of our church and its work in Christ’s name through:
  • Gifts In memory of a loved one
  • Gifts in honor of a loved one’s birthday, retirement, anniversary. Etc.
  • A bequest through your will
  • A planned gift during your lifetime
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Through the Simply Giving program (For contributions through the Simply Giving program. contact the church office or financial secretary.)
  • Chippewa Area Mentor Program
    The OSLC Endowment Fund exists to insure that your values and legacy of Christian Faith will live on and further God’s work for generations to come. Gifts to the Endowment become part of a permanent fund with earnings used to advance the mission and stewardship of our church. The fund is used to: 
    • Establish Christian education ministries 
    • Support the ELCA in America and global missions 
    • Support accredited Lutheran colleges and seminaries 
    • Support church welfare and relief programs 
    • Support local missions 
    • Provide scholarships for students attending accredited Lutheran colleges and seminaries
    Grants from the fund are directed into service beyond the normal programs and current operations that are funded through the OSLC’s annual budget.
    The Endowment Board consists of six OSLC members and reports to the church council. Each January the board establishes an annual gilt budget In which the principal is retained and gifts granted from the income earned OSLC members may apply for a grant on their own or on behalf of a qualified 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Grant Application forms are available from the church office or church website.
    The Endowment Board has granted gifts to the following recipients and organizations -- Scholarship recipients must be an active member of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church and be enrolled in an accredited Lutheran college, camp, or Lutheran—sponsored event. Students can apply each year they attend.
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