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A Fourth Grade Newsletter from Room A-131

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The vision of the Oskaloosa Community Schools is to prepare students for success by partnering with educational leaders, students, parents and community to provide educational excellence through quality programs and opportunities while emphasizing character development.

Children Are the Heart of Our School

September 2011

Communication is . . .

Communication is a very important aspect of a successful year. Throughout this school year there will be various forms of communication sent home to you via your child. It will be very important, on your part, to anticipate this communication.

Every day your child will be using an Assignment Book. This is an integral part of the communication that will be used. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that it is filled out daily. You need to ask your student for their Assignment Book, so that you are aware of current assignments. It is up to you how effective you want it to be at home. I might suggest that you go over each day’s entries with your child to make sure that both of you understand what happened at school that day. Then I would ask that you initial or sign that day’s page to indicate to me that you have indeed gone over the day’s assignments, have an understanding of what was assigned, and that the assignments are complete.

Setting Goals for Success

In our classroom we have set goals for the first trimester, and will be setting goals for each of the next two trimesters. The goals may be learning goals, behavior goals, outcome goals, or responsibility goals. The goal that is decided upon should reflect something that the student is working toward at school. This will help him/her to stay focused toward achieving something doable. You and your child will then evaluate the progress toward the goal throughout the trimester, responding on a “Bi-Weekly Reflection” form. When this reflection sheet is returned, I will read over your responses and then add my own thoughts. The goal sheet and the reflection form will be kept in a student portfolio. It is important to the student’s success, for everyone, the parent(s), the student, and the teacher work toward the achievement of these goals. To that end, the reflection of each of these goals must be reviewed to evaluate the progress toward the goals.

updated: 9/18/2011

August 2011

Welcome back to my new students and their families. The school year has gotten off to a great start. The first couple of weeks were very busy and the students accomplished quite a bit. There will be additional newsletters added to this page as we progress through the school year. Stop back for a visit. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact me via my email address shown on this page.

updated: 9/1/2011

June 2011

Our classroom had a very busy and fruitful year. We were able to accomplish many of our goals that we set out to do. Upon reflection of student goals from throughout the year, most students were achieving beyond their classroom goals. A few students achieved their Accelerated Reading Goals for the third trimester. Those students who received a book award for reading books, attaining their "grade level" goal, achieving their "point" goal, and maintaining at least 85% average on all quizzes taken were: Joshua, Toy Story 3; Arawn, Just the Facts: World History; Brock, More Mega Mad Libs; Tucker, Just the Facts: World Prehistoric; and Curtis: Just the Facts: Inventions and DiscoveriesAll the students did a great job of working towards their reading goals and were rewarded with a celebration during the last week of school.

During the final week of classes, students met their fifth grade teacher.  The date for "Back to School" night has not been established. It appears as though it may be scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 18, with exact times to be determined. Look for more details on the Oskaloosa Homepage,<> or the date and time will also be published in the Oskaloosa Herald.

Our classroom was visited by future fourth grade students during the final week of classes, and it looks as though we're going to get off to a GREAT start. I'm eager to see them at the end of summer and they appeared eager as well when we met. 

All of the Elementary Faculty and Staff hope that everyone has a GREAT summer break. School will be here before you know it. Registration for school will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 2, and Wednesday, Aug. 3, for students that did NOT register this past spring. Classes start on Monday, August 22, with school being dismissed two (2) hours early for professional development. There will also be a two (2) hour early dismissal on Tuesday, Aug. 23, for professional development.

updated 6/11/2011