OSJ Services

OSJ (UK) operates like any church even though it may not have buildings of its own.

Services currently offered* by all ordained or licensed members of OSJ (UK) may include: 


 Baptisms and Christening**      





 Wedding Blessings***

 Renewal of Vow     




 Celebrations of Life

 House Blessings  




 Home visiting   

 Home Communion

 Prayer and Healing Ministry    




 Prison Chaplaincy and visiting

 Pastoral Counselling

 Hospital Chaplaincy and visiting 

 Community Support 

 Bible Studies

 Trauma Counselling   

 Prayer Groups 

 The Sacrament of  Forgiveness and Peace

 Reconciliation Services   



 General Training Courses   

 Ordination Training Courses   


Other forms of service are available by request.


   Above:  Fr. Ian OSJ in his role as visiting priest at the Holy Family Church, Harrogate.

*     Most of our services are offered without charge but some may incur service fees (e.g. Wedding Blessings, Funerals) or require costs covering.  Please ask your celebrant for details.


**    We provide an ecumenical form of baptismal certificate as evidence of baptism but these are not always accepted by faith schools as part of their admissions procedures and policies even though we use the agreed and accepted formula of wording for the sacrament of baptism. Please be aware.


***  Under the provisions of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, OSJ (UK) members are exempted from conducting same sex marriages/wedding blessings as OSJ (UK) holds the biblically founded and traditional view that marriage is between one man and one woman (as defined physically at birth) and is intended to be for both the procreation of children and for life.  


For further information, please click this link 'Same Sex Marriage'