OSJ Web Site

The OSJ (UK) web site is designed to make sure that those people who visit are clear about OSJ (UK) practice and operational principles, and these are presented in several different ways in a variety of styles over a number of different pages.  Hopefully, you will be able to navigate the pages easily and theme by theme, and get an appreciation of where OSJ (UK) is coming from theologically, what it does, how it does what it does and why.  

It is hoped that in presenting ideas in several distinct ways over several different pages that visitors get a more consistent impression of the Orders work, ministry and its modus operandi.  

OSJ would not define itself as 'a church' but a dispersed Christian community of like minded ordained and lay people from many different backgrounds.  It seeks a truly unified Christian family with Christ at its head which transcends all denominational barriers, where everyone feels included and as if they have ownership, worth and purpose.

Primarily, OSJ focuses on working in and as part of the community rather than from churches, but it does have a small number of churches that offer regular services.


  OSJ remains independent and will not be associated with any organisations that are divisive or exclusive in nature (even though they might suggest otherwise).