OSJ Core Values

OSJ celebrates the following bible and faith based core Christian values:

1.  love for all people as God's children and creation

2.  respect for all people even if we disagree with their views or their life choices

3.  traditional marriage

4.  traditional family values

5.  heterosexuality

6.  the sanctity of human life (protection of the unborn child, etc)

7.  the good and responsible stewardship of the earth and all its resources

8.  the good and responsible stewardship of God given gifts, talents and skills, including those general gifts of free will, love, faith and prayer

9.  the protection of the poor, the hungry, the rejected, those without a voice who are denied justice

10.  one church with Christ as its head, in the service of God, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, not defined by 'organization' but by faith and faith alone

11.  the consistency of the Word of God in a changing world

12.  the absolute power and authority of God - He is both the first and last word in all things.