OSJ On Confirmation

A crash course on confirmation for those who have had no previous guidance.

Confirmation is appropriate when a person decides that they wish to take up for themselves the promises made on their behalf by their parents at the time of baptism and commit themselves to a faith centred life.

Getting confirmed is an sign of commitment, witness and testimony.  It is an outward sign of an inner process.

Confirmation does not automatically bestow the gift/gifts of the Holy Spirit on people as some churches believe - they may even be already present and self-evident.  

Providing a candidate can demonstrate their understanding of what confirmation is and asks of them, and can faithfully make a commitment, there is no reason why they cannot be confirmed by a bishop in the Order of St James.

The essential rite is the laying on of hands by the bishop and a short prayer, 'Confirm this thy servant (Name) with thy Holy Spirit,' or similar.  

An anointing of oil may also form part of the confirmation rite along with any other appropriate local traditions.

Confirmation conducted by OSJ (UK) will be without denominational bias.

If you are interested in confirmation, please do contact the Order of St James office or one of the OSJ (UK) members.