OSJ Objectives

Like the four arms of a cross pointing inwards towards Christ and reaching outwards to the world, the work of the Order of St James (OSJ), a truly catholic (for all) open Christian community, is four fold:


i.     Plant           - to faithfully and effectively plant and/or bring to fruition the Gospel of Christ, 


ii.    Minister      - to be available as an Order to minister to any person in need, regardless of their faith background or social circumstances,


iii.   Support       - to be available to work supportively with individuals, churches, Christian groups and the local community, wherever needed and whenever needed,


iv.   Empower     - to encourage and support others in the exercise of the ministries and spiritual gifts they have been entrusted with. 

The International logo of OSJ (Worldwide)

Our purpose is to encourage and make Bible based and Spirit led Christian ministry accessible at the time, point and place of need, and to make it quite simply and unconditionally available to all, no strings attached.


We may be a small group within the worldwide Christian family but OSJ has over 260 priests working in 11 countries and  we have a valid and increasing presence.  

OSJ simply serves Christ and community.