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The Editorial Team:

Fr. Ian Walton, OSJ:  Executive Bishop for the Order of St James.  (Anglo-Catholic background)  Fr. Ian is the editor of the Order's newsletter and is the priest in charge at St Leonard's, Hazlewood, the Order's spiritual centre. He has worked in many different denominational contexts, has a special interest in military chaplaincy and is a member of Police Chaplaincy UK.


Fr. David Bennett, OSJ:  Bishop for OSJ Wales.  (Liberal Catholic background)  Royal Navy and Police, accident investigation,  PTSD trauma specialist and a regular contributor to the Order's newsletter.


Unice Brierley, OSJ:  Lay Preacher (Methodist) and a regular contributor for the Order's newsletter.  Unice has vast experience in preaching and is a great teacher and example to those less experienced in this ministry.


Fr. David Startup, OSJ:  Visiting preacher at a number of Baptist and United Reform Churches, and a regular contributor to the Order's Newsletter.  David is currently a serving member of an Anglican church.  OSJ Safeguarding Officer (shared post)


Fr. Kevin Wright, OSJ: (Orthodox) Bishop's Chaplain and the priest in charge of a number of mission churches.  OSJ Safeguarding Officer (shared post)