OSJ Publications

OSJ (UK) does produce and publish books, booklets, newsletters and also has a large number of audio files for use.  Mostly this is for internal use but there is a growing need for developing a broader public faith centred interface and dialogue.

OSJ (UK) set up a small internal media unit a number of years ago working under the title of 'One Eyed Cat Media' (it's a long story!) and uses 'Book Publishing UK', a subsidiary of 'Bonica', for a lot of its small to medium print run needs if material cannot be produced 'in house'.  That is not to say it is the only company we use but they produce a good quality product which is very good value.


OSJ (UK) also makes some of its published material available for digital download for personal use but it retains ownership.  

Some books. booklets and pamphlets are already available on this website for downloading - see 'Rule of Simplicity', 'Understanding Prayer', and 'Printable Services' pages.



 (The response to the Methodist Church's discussion document on same sex marriage, 'God in love unites us', can be opened on a new page by clicking the image.  The other documents can be downloaded via the OSJ Services page.)

Apart from theological, sacramental and liturgical work, ministry guides and the like, we have been experimenting with the concept of Christian novels and books, etc., and a limited number of books have been published to assess whether this is an effective means of introducing the faith to those who perhaps might be seeking something 'more substantial and meaningful in life' than they are currently experiencing or just need the gentlest of nudges to get them pointing in the right direction.

We will be using this page to notify you of any printed material which may be of interest.  

Currently there are several different books available and they are in A5 softback format.  These will not be available for digital download.  

Limited availability.  Priced to cover costs rather than make a profit but prices may change if postage and packing costs rise.

  By Bishop Ian, OSJ (UK) - fr.ian@tiscali.co.uk

  The serialised story of a fictional Dale in North Yorkshire, Fr. John and the community he is a part of.  Four separate books of between 200-212 pages each, B&W.  

  Easy reading and generally suitable for early teen/adult readers.  For more information and sample chapters please visit 'A Blackberry Amongst The Thorns'

  Parental guidance may be required for some chapters due to the nature of content, e.g. death, teen pregnancy, rejection, mild violence, domestic violence, divorce, etc.

  Individual copies including postage £7.50 each

  The complete set of all four books (1-4) including postage £26.00

  Newly available, 'Table Six' - the story of one week in the life of a café.  Easy reading but suitable for adult readers only.  

  Containing some adult themes, occasional mild bad language and mild sexual references.  It's about real life.  220 pages.  B&W.

  Copies will be priced at £8.50 each and will include postage.

  By Bishop David, OSJ (Wales)davidbennett0@icloud.com


'Trauma 999 Emergency'   (cover image above left)

This book is written with mature/adult readers in mind.... particularly front line Response Officers and support staff from all three 999 Emergency Services.  A no holds barred account of every day traumatic situations, the effect these events have had on people, and the journey the author took to becoming one of the leading trauma (PTSD) treatment specialists.  

+David's background is ex-Royal Navy and he spent over 30 years working in the Police.  

He is a member of the British Holistic Medical Association, a Board Certified Expert in Trauma Stress, a Diplomate of the American Academy of Experts in Trauma Stress, a Pyscho-Traumatologist and Critical Incident Debriefing Trainer, a civilian member of USAF Air Force Crisis Intervention Team, Director of Emergency Services Trauma Specialists and works with the Emergency Services taking referrals from Health Service members.

Priced at £11.50 each which includes postage.

'Arrested Faith'  (cover image above right)

Take a senior qualified and distinguished police officer who has seen life in the raw, the violent, the troublesome, the openly offensive, the stately and the magnificent, and has come out the other end a wiser and more serious man.  Mix it all up with faith, care and compassion, and a lot of humour and you find a man who is still learning from life.

The book takes the form of a series of meditations on real life and is easy reading.

218 pages with a small number of colour images.

Priced at £11.50 each which includes postage.