OSJ Finances

Key principle:  OSJ (UK) is self funding and self supporting. 

OSJ (UK) is not 'funding focussed'.  All of its members are volunteers and give of their time and resources quite freely to deliver ministry where it is needed and when it is needed.  

Put another way, OSJ (UK) would rather direct its time and efforts in 'active ministry' in the communities it serves rather than having to spend its time and efforts on 'fundraising'.

OSJ (UK) is not a charity.  It has no intention of becoming a charity as this is not part of its remit.  It holds no central funds or asks for membership fees or donations to support its work in the community.  It runs mostly on good will although some services like weddings and funerals may carry a nominal fee to cover member's time and expenses.

It remains an independent body and receives no funding from any groups, organizations, Government bodies or from charities.  This means that it can remain truly independent and free from outside influence.

Members fund their own projects in the community and they start them on the basis that they will see the project through to the end.  Once they start, they know that they will not receive financial help from OSJ (UK).

OSJ (UK) members occasionally support international, national and local initiatives but they do so by personal choice and may fund or contribute towards projects under the OSJ (UK) banner if they wish to remain anonymous.

Generally speaking, OSJ (UK) as an organization does not respond to requests for funding although it may offer practical support if that is appropriate or direct requests to other organizations who can better help.  OSJ (UK) may occasionally notify other members of local or other initiatives that they may wish to be involved in but there is no expectancy of support - it is always up to members to prayerfully support projects in what ever way they wish and they are under no obligation to do so.

Please do not ask for financial support from OSJ (UK) or OSJ (Worldwide) - OSJ does not have or keep financial reserves, centrally or otherwise.  You may ask for expertise as we have a number of specialist experts in a number of different fields, or if OSJ cannot offer assistance, it may be able to direct you to those individuals, groups and organizations who can help.

Why OSJ (UK) does not ask for your financial support:

Giving of your time, gifts, skills and talents, as a member of OSJ (UK) is enough. This is possible because OSJ (UK) doesn't have the massive running costs or overheads associated with traditional churches.  OSJ (UK) is self funding so it isn't a burden on anyone and there are no paid staff to worry about.  

This situation is very different to that of the traditional church.  The reality is that most traditional churches are in decline and they are asking those members that remain to give more and do more.  The problem is that the more they overload members, the quicker they will leave.

As some churches have already discovered to their cost, there are limits to asking more and more from existing congregations.  They are already giving fully of their time, talents and funds, and there is nothing left to give.

Congregations are routinely being asked to help financially with the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings they have traditionally used, some of which need major repair and extensive refurbishment.  It's not even the end of it.

They are also additionally being asked to regularly contribute to diocesan quotas and to help pay for diocesan administration, training of priests and other professionals, pensions, wages, initiatives congregations may not support or be able to afford, bishop's palaces and diocesan offices, sabbaticals (extended paid leave for clergy) and so on.  

For pensioners on a very limited income, this is hardly acceptable, desirable or even 'Christian', especially when they already have to make difficult decisions, not on what they can afford, but on what they are going to give up so they can put something on the collection plate.

OSJ (UK) believes this is a step too far.  Members giving of their time and gifts, talents and skills, should be simply enough.  

If members wish to go beyond this, they are under no obligation to do so and do so of their own volition, prayerfully and led by the Holy Spirit.

If you want to give, then give to local projects:

Then you have control.  You can see what you are putting your funds into and you have ownership.

It's not complicated.  Get involved, see where the need is and do something about it.  That is the OSJ (UK) and OSJ (Worldwide) principle, even if you are not a member.