OSJ Episcopacy

Episcopal Lines of Succession:

For those for whom it matters (and it really doesn't matter in the big scheme of things), the Order's Episcopal lines of succession are complete and unbroken. Some of these lines go back to St Peter and St Paul, but more importantly for us, one goes back to St James, the brother of Our Lord and the first bishop of Jerusalem.  

We express and demonstrate our faith in the same practical terms expressed in the Epistle of St James, simply and openly and through ministry grounded in Christ.  

OSJ (UK) is an Episcopal (it has bishops) Order with Catholic, Anglo-Catholic and Orthodox Episcopal lines although its members come from a wide range of Christian traditions and bring a wide range of liturgical worship styles and theological understanding.  

Being Episcopal ensures OSJ (UK) has a useful organisational structure but it is not hierarchical in the traditional sense.  All members (including our bishops) are part of the same team, none being more important or less than any other member, and each having their own individual gifts, talents and skills that contribute to make the whole.

We have lots of different ways of meeting needs, but we are Christian first and an Order second.  People will always take precedence over matters of traditions and canon.