OSJ Authentication

There are always those who will claim to be something they are not and although they eventually get caught out, they can cause a great deal of financial, emotional and spiritual damage which can take a very long time to heal.

Wearing a clerical 'dog collar' is not sufficient proof of being honest.  OSJ (UK) offers an authentication procedure for its priests, chaplains and Ministry Team members which is simple and easy - it's called 'e-mail'. 

If you have any doubts about someone claiming to be a member of OSJ (UK) or OSJ (Worldwide) then please reschedule your meeting and e-mail OSJ (UK) including any details you may have about this person.  Please do include your own name so we know how to address you when we respond.  Bear in mind we may not be able to respond immediately as our office is not manned full time.

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Things You Can Do To Help Look After Yourself:

Never give out your bank details.  Members of OSJ will never ask for those.  Take being asked for those details or for money as a warning signal something is not right.

You should always ask for some form of personal identification (bank card, driving license, etc.) so you can check names and other personal details for yourself.   Business cards are not a reliable form of ID.

If someone shows you an ID/membership card or any other form of identity then (if you can) photograph it and send that as an attachment when you ask for identity authentication.  We are aware that ID/membership cards can be forged.

Even better, see if you can get a photograph of the person and attach that if you need to authenticate.  An OSJ (UK) member would not normally object.  If an objection is made you should be suspicious.

If you have any doubts or concerns at all, do not invite or allow the person into your home or see them on your own.  It is wise to have a family member or close friend present at first meetings.

Wherever possible, we often recommend first meetings should be in neutral places like hotels or cafes, public and safe.

If the person saying they are a member of OSJ (UK) has gained entry to your home and you wish them to leave, ask them politely and if they refuse phone for help immediately.

Always protect yourself and avoid putting yourself at risk or in danger.