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OSJ (UK) - Supporting you, and people just like you, in the UK:

Sometimes, people need access to the traditional services offered by churches at key or transitional points in their lives but, because they are not members of those churches or can't comply with the conditions asked of them, they are often denied. 

Sometimes they just need help but don't know who to turn to or where to go.   

Sometimes all they need is a listening ear, a little reassurance and advice, and a lot of 'no strings attached' support and encouragement.

That is why OSJ exists.

Members of the Order of St James Ministry Team are there to help if they can and offer non-judgemental, unconditional and appropriate ministry to those in need.  That help is there for as long as you need it and nothing more will be asked of you.

If you need a little help or one of our priests to conduct a service, we will be happy to do that for you where and when we can.***  

OSJ is about 'people', not 'organizations':

'Organizations' (including 'churches') have their place, but they also have their limitations.  

They sometimes forget what they are about and, instead of becoming a means to an end, they become an end in themselves. 


They fail when they think their rules or traditions or practices are more important than the people they were meant to be serving.  (See Mark 7, v 1-12, key verses 8-9.)


It is 'people' that really matter, and when an organization places itself of more value than the individual it seeks to serve, it has ceased to be of any value or relevance. (See Luke 15 v3-7)

Episcopal Lines of Succession:

For those for whom it matters (and it really doesn't matter in the big scheme of things), the Order's Episcopal lines of succession are unbroken, some of which go back to St James, the brother of Our Lord and the first bishop of Jerusalem, and we express and demonstrate our faith in the same terms expressed in the Epistle of St James, simply and openly and through ministry.

OSJ is an Episcopal (it has bishops) Order with Catholic, Anglo-Catholic and Orthodox lines although its members come from a wide range of Christian traditions and bring a wide range of liturgical worship styles.  Being Episcopal ensures OSJ (UK) has a useful organisational structure.

We have lots of different ways of meeting needs, but we are Christian first and an Order second.  People will always take precedence over matters of traditions and canon.

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So is 'OSJ' just another 'organization'?

We sincerely hope not.  OSJ is more a way of achieving things by faith rather than by rules.

OSJ does do things a little differently.  Although we are Christ centred and are bible based,we encourage people to do what is prayerfully right rather than blindly following the rules, regulations, canons and traditions of religion (the collective and socially controlled and formulated expression of a particular set of beliefs). Those things are 'man made'.

We encourage those who those who can think beyond denominational limitations, those who have a mind of their own and don't want to accept second best.  

Whilst we do follow some church traditions, our actions are not dictated by them.  We will break 'the rules' when needed, especially when they keep people from the presence and love of God.  

We like visionaries and people that 'don't quite fit the norm', square pegs in round holes.

We are more about faith, personal Christian integrity, deeply cutting honesty and spiritual fulfilment, and a reliance on the Holy Spirit rather than the compliant observance (however well intended) of religious rules and behaviour patterns.

We know the importance of forgiveness, reconciliation, healing and giving people a second chance.  We all make mistakes - no person or Christian community is perfect.

We also don't do 'denominations' - we are simply 'Christian', and whilst we appreciate the value of ritual, tradition, liturgy and canon we are not restricted, governed, led by or divided by these things.  We always work in harmony with the teachings of the bible.

Although we do have a small number of mission churches because we do support worshipping communities, all of our priests and lay members work in and as part of the local community, both offering and encouraging all forms of open ministry.  

Lastly, all our members are volunteers.  Everyone covers their own costs so we are not a burden to the communities we serve.

The gifts of God for the people of God.  For all, by all.


***  Under the provisions of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, OSJ (UK) members are exempted from conducting same sex marriages/wedding blessings as OSJ  (UK) holds the biblically founded and traditional view that marriage is between one man and one woman (gender as defined physically at birth and remaining), is intended to be for life and is intended to be for the procreation of children.   

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