About OSJ (UK)

OSJ (UK): A 15 Point Summary.



OSJ (UK) is not about rules or regulations, denominations, liturgies, titles or dressing up in vestments.  People matter much more that those things.  

OSJ (UK) is simply about serving both God and community.

OSJ (UK) is about helping individuals discover the person God created them to be, and helping them employ the gifts, talents and skills they have been uniquely been entrusted with by God.

OSJ (UK) is about returning responsibility and authority back to the people.

OSJ (UK) is community based rather than building focussed.

OSJ (UK) is about enabling people's ministries rather than disabling them. 

OSJ (UK) also aims to put ministers, pastors and priests where they are needed.

All OSJ (UK) members are expected to deal with need if they see it. 

All OSJ (UK) members are self funding Christian volunteers who serve the community they live and work in.  

OSJ (UK) is not sponsored or funded by any other organisations and is free from outside politics and interference.  

OSJ (UK) is a self-determining and independent Christian community without denominational ties.

OSJ (UK) operates under a simple set of guidelines expressed and formulated in the OSJ 'Rule of Simplicity'.  

OSJ (UK) is an Episcopal Order and has bishops - OSJ (UK) can and does 'train and ordain'.

OSJ (UK) is proactive, wholly Christian, Spirit led and bible based.

With OSJ(UK) , what you see is what you get.  OSJ (UK) has nothing to hide and has no secret agendas.

OSJ supports the traditional and scripturally based views of marriage, gender and sexuality, the protection of the unborn child, the inclusive communion of saints, and a faith based on a personal relationship with God backed up by sound bible teaching and directed by the Holy Spirit.


The Order's Newsletter and Key Documents Archive:



The OSJ Newsletter is the principle point of communication for the Order of St James (UK) and OSJ (Worldwide) and is published online monthly. 



All members may contribute to newsletters and articles of interest are also drawn from other churches, like minded groups and individuals, and printed with permission if under copyright.


The current (and previous newsletters from 2014 onwards) can be obtained by clicking this link  >  Newsletter  <  copy dating before 2014 is available on request.


We hold a number of key documents via the Order's Newsletter and Key Documents Archive, of which, the Order's 'Rule of Simplicity' is included and can be freely downloaded for personal use but these remain the property of OSJ (UK) and copyright unless otherwise described.

The monthly newsletter is text only apart from the header and is published in PDF format.  This is because we have limited on-line storage capacity and images use large quantities.  Any images intended for sharing can be added to the Gallery on this web site along with limited text.

OSJ (UK) Contact:




E-mail:                          fr.ian.osj@gmail.com             (Fr. Ian Walton, OSJ, Executive Bishop)  


Website addresses:     www.orderofstjames.info        www.orderofstjames.co.uk        


Address:                      The Order of St James (UK) Office


                                    10 The Rowans






Left:  The Order's spiritual centre of ministry is St Leonard's Chapel, Hazlewood, North Yorkshire, LS24  9NJ 

and the chapel is in the grounds of the beautiful Hazlewood Castle.

Other UK Groups linked to OSJ (UK):  

The Order of St James sponsors the 'Chaplains at war (UK)'  website which is predominantly dedicated to those ordained men of peace and faith who went unarmed to war. 

Their faith and achievements in the face of extreme adversity and man's inhumanity to man should never be overlooked, but be an inspiration to others. 'Lest we forget!'

'Chaplains at War (UK)' has two purposes:

1.  To honour military chaplains and, by doing so, mark the contribution they have made,
2.  To act as a forum for those interested in researching, recognising and/or promoting the work and role military chaplains.
'Chaplains at War (UK)' welcomes interest from all responsible parties and individuals who subscribe to these simple purposes.
'Chaplains at War (UK)' is sponsored and administered by The Order of St James (UK) for educational and research purposes only. 
'Chaplains at War (UK)' is non-political in outlook and is an educational non-profit making volunteer group.
It is not the intention of the 'Chaplains at War (UK)' web site, whether explicitly or implicitly, to give a general assent to armed conflict as a primary means of resolution. 

It does not and will not support or condone the incitement or promulgation of acts of terrorism, extremism, religious fundamentalism or the repression of basic human rights and freedoms.
'Chaplains at War (UK)' does not support armed conflict originating or resulting from religious difference, intolerance or persecution, or using religion as a means of promulgating or justifying war, terrorism or other armed social upheaval.
'Chaplains at War (UK)' does not and will not support the denial, covering up or the deliberate misinterpretation of fact concerning war crimes, acts of terrorism, subjugation, mass murder, crimes against humanity and genocide. 

 Human consciousness should be led towards enlightenment by learning the truth and acting upon it, not driven into further darkness by deceits, lies and untruths.

                        Chaplain A E Fox, CF

Trauma999:  Rt Rev David Bennett OSJ  http://trauma999.org

No other groups are currently listed as being sponsored by, supported by, authorised or approved by the Order of St James (UK) or any of its members.

And lastly:

OSJ (UK) is not a member of 'Churches Together', either locally or nationally.  'Churches Together' it is not.  It accepts some but rejects others.  'Churches Together' has appointed itself as arbiter of that which is Christian and that which is not, and as such is a divisive element within the One Church.  OSJ (UK) does not need to be validated by membership of such self-serving and self appointed groups, and rejects its supposed authority and basis for ministry.  Although OSJ (UK) will work alongside members of 'Churches Together' for the greater Christian good, OSJ (UK) will not formally be associated with such elitist groups.