Osiris Synths

Made with Synthedit

Here you can download my Synthedit creations 




This is Aqua,the first synth I made in Synthedit.  The wonderful skin was made by EVM.  Download:


There are 2 wonderful preset banks for Aqua available at



This is Cymbiant 2.0, my new synth with a fantastic skin by Totolitoto.   Cymbiant is not free, but free to use.  You can pay what you think it's worth by clicking the Donate button above.  This links to PayPal.  This will help me make many more interesting synths in the future.  Cymbiant is available at :



 I Don't have a screen shot of it, but here's Infektor, another olf creation.  The GUI is bad, but it can make some glorious noises.  Download :







Audio Links:


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SK back at his scary best. 

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I heard the movie wasn't good, but this book is challenging and won the Nobel Prize.  If you want an easy read, don't bother.  Not for the faint-hearted.