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Below you can download my Synthedit synthesizers 

This is Aqua.  It was my first synthedit  attempt.  EVM made the wonderful skin http://evm.110mb.com/free.htm

There are extra presets to download here :http://www.kvraudio.com/

Unfortunately, there's no pic of Infektor.  A great synth with a bad GUI and an even worse name.  I thought it would sound like the Access Virus.  It kept a lot of people from downloading it.  You can download it below.

Below is Cymbiant 2.0 It's skinned by Totolitoto.  You can download it here :http://rekkerd.org/osiris-cymbiant/  
It's been downloaded over 6400 times! 

Above is Polly8 .  A recreation of a famous synth of yesteryear.  24 voice Polyphony.  2 Oscillators per voice.  Check out the preset demo in the player at the top of the page.  It has come to my attention that some people think this is an emulation of the  Korg Poly-800.  IT IS NOT.  Apologies to Korg.  I didn't realize there was a Poly-800.                                                               
Download the file below. 

Below you'll find a download link for my latest synth, which may or may not be an emulation of the Juno-106.....
It's pretty simple, so there's no instructions.  Presets included.  Hit me up @ KVR Audio.com with any comments.

11/14/10= People were not pleased with the skin I made for Luno, so I've posted a new version.  New skin & a soft clip fx that will center the chorus fx.  Download link below as Luno New Skin.
Here's a pic:

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