FX & Presets

Some free presets for the awesome Rob Papen Predator at the bottom of the page for free download.  The file is named Osiris Predator.  Enjoy!

12/28/11 : I've made 25 presets for DUNE.  Made in v1.40,  there are leads, arps, basses and pads and a free download.  Bottom of the page labeled Mirage For DUNE.  Enjoy!

I have a Souncloud page with my music on it.  Be sure and visit: http://soundcloud.com/illektrik1 

 Synths & FX  for free.

Exciting synth news!! Click the link below to navigate to the synth page & download Polly8te.

10/18/2011= Well almost a year to the day since I've updated this page.  I made some presets for the Alpha Juno emu called Phutura.  They can be had at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy!

10/29/2010 - Bliss, my Wusikstation synth is R.I.P.  There was an issue about sound copyright that I couldn't clear up.  It's a shame because it sounded really great.
5/4/2010 - Working on a new synth powered by Wusikengine using samples from ANX-1, JP-8080, Moog, OBX, Virus A & many more classic synths.  It sounds exquisite & I will post some sound examples soon.  The preset file to place ODelay in your Wusikstation is down below.

Just download ODelay and rename it to the .WusikSNDFX extension & place it in your WusikData effects folder under Delay-Echo.   Then download the preset file named OdelayLPMOD.  Instructions included.

5/5/2010 -Made a batch of presets for Wusikstation ODelay.  Download below.  File labeled ODelayWSPresets.

Above is ODelay, My New delay plugin with a modulating autofilter.
Download below and enjoy! 

Download Elektrostudio Micromoon patches below.
Added Or2v presets below.  Enjoy!
5/23/09 - Added presets for Elektrostudios SxMJune Vst below.
These presets are for Version 1.  It's not known if they work in the newest version.

Here you can download Rochor, Inspired by a 1977 Roland Chorus  
Rochor was featured in a Japanese music magazine.

Rochor has 4 LFO's modulating 4 delay lines.  Feedback control can create strange, wonderful robotic fx.  The 2nd, 3rd & 4th LFO's are frequency divided by 1/2, 1/4, & 1/8th respectively.


Download RoChor below and don't forget to delete previous version. To use multiple copies of this plug, simply copy the .dll and rename RoChor A, RoChor B then paste it back into you plug in directory.  Will work as long as each copy has a separately named folder.


My Synths can be found here: http://sites.google.com/site/osirissynths/Home/synth-page
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