Well checks/Developmental Pediatric Milestones/Shot Schedule/Screening Tests

Well child check ups/Well checks/Check ups/Physicals are visits which do not focus on problems.  If you are concerned about a problem with your child, you should schedule a sick visit.  Well child check ups focus on your child's growth and development, immunizations/shots, and tests which screen for common age appropriate problems.  This does NOT include visits where your child is sick.  A visit where we diagnose a sinus infection is NOT a check up!  A well child check up that identifies a child who is missing a developmental pediatric milestone can be more important than a shot!

If you follow our shot schedule, your child will receive all vaccinations recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Clark County School District, any school/preschool in Nevada, and any school in the United States of America.  One exception is that schools in Hawaii recommend that you be tested for tuberculosis.  Remember that new shots are constantly being developed.  If someone tells you that you don't need another shot for 5 years, they are talking about under the current schedule with the current technology.  They will often be WRONG.  If you bought your favorite movie on a VHS tape and thought you were set for life, you were WRONG.  They invented something called a DVD and your VHS tape was not quite adequate.  Our immunization schedule is consistent with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Advisory Committe Immunization Practices (ACIP).

First a list of some of the various things we do:
NBS=Newborn screening blood test for about 80 different things you could be born with).
Hgb=This checks for anemia, not low iron.  Low iron is the most common, but not the only cause of anemia.
PEDS=Developmental screening test for developmental problems.
Fluoride=Makes the teeth more resistant to getting cavities
M-CHAT=Developmental screening test for developmental problems especially autism.
Lead level=Blood test which checks for high levels of lead which can affect development.
Vision=Vision test with Snellen eye chart (the one with the big E on top).
OAE=Hearing test.
PSC-Y=Adolescent developmental screening test.
EKG=Electrocardiogram.  Checks the electrical activity of the heart.

HepB=Shot which prevents infections of the liver with Hepatitis B.
DTaP=Shot which prevents diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough).
HIB=Shot which prevents infections by Haemophilus Influenza type B such as meningitis.  This is not a flu shot.
IPV=Shot which prevents polio.
PCV13=Shot which prevent infections by most streptococcus pneumoniae such as meningitis and blood infections.
RV=Oral vaccine which prevents the cause of the most severe stomach flu.
MMR=Shot which prevents measles, mumps, and rubella.
VZ=Shot which prevents chicken pox.
HepA=Shot which prevents infections of the liver with Hepatitis A.
MenACWY=Shot which prevents infections caused by meningococcus serogroup A,B,C,Y such as meningitis.
Tdap=Shot which prevents tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough).
HPV=Shot which prevents most cervical, mouth, and throat cancer.
MenB=Shot which prevents infections caused by meningococcus serogroup B such as meningitis.

This is when we would like to see your child for a scheduled well check/check up/physical/screening test/immunizations:
1-2 days after leaving the hospital-physical exam to screen for heart problems and jaundice.
10-16 days of age-PKU (Metabolic screening blood test for about 80 different diseases you could be born with).
    This is also our favorite time to do a circumcision if that is your desire.
1 month of age-HepB shot
2 months of age-Pentacel, PCV 13, RV.
4 months of age-Pentacel, PCV 13, RV.
6 months of age-Pentacel, PCV 13, RV, HepB.
9 months of age-OAE, PEDS.
12 months of age-MMR, VZ, HepA, HIb, PCV 13.  Hgb (if not already checked by WIC), lead level and fluoride(if at high risk).
15 months of age-DTaP.
18 months of age-M-CHAT, fluoride (if at high risk).
24 months of age-HepA, lead level (if at high risk), fluoride (if at high risk), cholesterol level (if at high risk).
30 months of age-PEDS.
3 years of age-Vision (we try), OAE.
4 years of age-Vision, OAE, DTaP, IPV, MMRV.
5-21 years of age-We recommend yearly check ups and influenza vaccine.  We will do a physical exam, periodic vision and OAE, give shots (especially as new shots are invented/recommended), PSC-Y, EKG, and other things as well.  At 11 years of age, we give Tdap, MCV, HPV.  At 16 years of age, we give MCV and MenB.  At 17 years of age, we give MenB.  At 18 years of age, we do an EKG and order blood tests for HIV and cholesterol.

Note:  Vaccine manufacturer and state of Nevada supply issues may cause us to deviate from the above schedule.