Limiting the spread of disease at the doctor's office

At Oshiro Pediatrics we are very concerned with infection control within the office.  These are the measures which we take to decrease the chance that your child will get sick while at our office.

When you get to our office, our waiting area is divided into a sick and a well side.  If your child is well, you should stay on the well side.  There should be less germs.  There are chlorox wipes in the waiting area which you can use.  There is also alcohol hand disinfectant which you can use in the waiting area.  The most important thing, however, is that you are usually in the waiting area for only about 5-8 minutes.  Less time being exposed means less chance of being exposed. 

Once you are brought back to an exam room, there are additional germ countermeasures.  Every exam room has hand disinfectant which you can use.  Many of the rooms have two hand disinfectant dispensors.  We use new table paper with each patient.  We thoroughly disinfect all of our exam room before lunch.  Since we have 8 exam rooms at our office, each exam room is only used about 3 times per half day.  Less patients per exam room means less germs per exam room.

Dr. Oshiro, Dr. Hom, PNP Cerdan, and PA Knowles are fastidious hand washers/hand disinfectant users.  Dr. Oshiro changes his white lab coat mid day so germs from the late morning sick patients do not go to the early afternoon well patients.  Our staffing levels are higher than most other pediatric offices.  This means that our staff have the time to wash/disinfect their hands.

Our bathrooms also have chlorox wipes available for your use.