Influenza Supply

UPDATED 10/30/2018

Oshiro Pediatrics has flu shots for all patients 6 months or older. We recommend flu shots for EVERYONE 6 months and older unless you are the very rare person with some contraindication. Schedule NOW to get the vaccine for your child who is 6 months or older. You can schedule a "flu shot only" appointment where you will NOT see one of the providers.  We also have flu nose spray.  However, since we are not confident with the effectiveness of the flu nose spray (Flumist), we are recommending the flu shot over the nose spray.  Having said that, the flu nose spray is better than getting nothing at all.  If you want the flu nose spray, please specify that you want the nose spray when you make and show up for your appointment.  

If you are mildly or even severely allergic to eggs, you MAY receive the influenza shot or flu nose spray.  If you are SEVERELY allergic to eggs (breathing problems), we prefer that you wait for 30 minutes in our reception area after receiving the vaccine to watch for a possible allergic reaction although current guidelines state that you do not have to wait.

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