Influenza Supply

UPDATED 8/23/2017

Oshiro Pediatrics has flu shots which we purchased. We recommend flu shots for EVERYONE 6 months and older unless you are the very rare person with some contraindication. People with commercial insurance can schedule NOW to get the vaccine. You can schedule a "flu shot only" appointment where you will NOT see one of the providers. Almost all commercial insurances will pay for the flu vaccine. Patients with medicaid or no insurance may want to wait until October when we get the free flu vaccine from the state of Nevada so they don't have to pay $30 now. There will be no flu nose spray given in the United States this year. For about 10 years it looked like the flu nose spray worked better than the flu shot. However, for the last 3 years, the flu shot has worked better than the nose spray.

If you are MILDLY allergic to eggs (rash but 
NO BREATHING PROBLEMS), you MAY receive the influenza shot.  You must wait for 30 minutes in our reception area after receiving the vaccine to watch for a possible allergic reaction.  If you are SEVERELY allergic to eggs (breathing problems), you should NOT get influenza vaccine.