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Oshiro Pediatrics
4570 Eastern Ave. Suite 21
Las Vegas, Nevada  89119
Tel: (702) 733-6033
Fax: (702) 733-7292

To contact the billing department, click here.

We do not answer medical questions via e-mail.  If you have administrative questions, address updates, or insurance update issues, you can e-mail us with your question or information.  If you want your child to be a new patient, you can also e-mail us!  We will check e-mail at least once a day Monday-Friday if we are working.  The e-mail address is:

When you call our office, you will reach an automated attendant, not a live person.  We know that many people hate that.  However, we feel that the time it saves us, enables us to take much better care of our patients.  We hope you agree.
TELEPHONE:  733-6033.      
    press 1 for appointments or if you want to your child to be a new patient
    press 2 for billing questions
    press 6 to leave a message for non urgent issues such as appointment                 requests, general messages, prescription refills, or referral questions.              We check these messages about every fifteen minutes.
    press 7 for medical record or shot record requests.
    press 414 if you need to update us with your new insurance information.