Convertible Car Seats

Convertible car seats fit most infants up to 23 months of age who should be rear facing while in the car.  Once your child turns two years of age, you can start having him or her face forward if you wish but remember rear facing is always safer.  A convertible car seat can be flipped around from the backward to the forward facing position as desired.
These are some convertible car seats which Dr. Oshiro has checked out on  He read the reviews and the weight requirements.  He has not personally used any of these.  Remember to register you car seat so you can be notified about product recalls.
For the budget minded, click on this link to view an Evenflo model which seems to be a very good choice.  This seat will fit a child who is rear facing up to 40 pounds.
For someone who wants something a little more luxurious, click on this link to view a convertible car seat from Safety 1st which should do the job quite nicely.  This seat will also fit a child who is rear facing from 5 to 35 pounds, forward facing from 22-50 pounds, and can be used as a booster seat from 40-100 pounds.
For someone who wants a truly luxurious car seat or who needs a car seat to fit a larger child, click on this link to view a Britax which is truly top of the line.  This seat will fit a rear facing child from 5-35 pounds.  It will also fit a forward facing child from 22-50 pounds.   This is a very nice choice as you can keep your child in a five point harness until they are 50 pounds.  A five point harness is the safest way for a child to ride in the car. 
For information from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding car seats, click on the following link.