Presidential Powers, G MacGilvra- Othello

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Presidential Powers
Tuesday, December 3, 10, 17
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: South Seattle, Othello-UW Commons

4200 South Othello Street, Seattle, WA 98118 (just east of the Link Light Rail Station) 
-Located on the first floor of the Assembly 118 apartment building
Cost: $35.00
Capacity: 40

This course will look at the powers of the presidency under the Constitution, both as conceived of and described in that document, and as the presidency has developed over American history.  Although there will be reference to Supreme Court cases, an equal focus will be attempted on examples of the actual exercise of presidential power, e.g. the president's role in initiating and maintaining military conflict.

Glenn MacGilvra is an attorney currently living in France, although until recently his home was in Seattle.  He worked as a judicial clerk in both state and federal courts in his early years, practiced as an attorney in family and criminal law for many years, and in recent years has taught several courses regarding constitutional law, and Supreme Court history for OLLI-UW and, before that, the Creative Retirement Institute.  He also contributed to a recent book on Seattle History - "Seattle Justice".